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The science and technology behind our achievements in Aviation and Aerospace Engineering can be fascinating but also overwhelming.  Here, you can take a break from the mathematics and the nuts and bolts and learn more about the people driving innovation in Aerospace and in Aerospace Education.   This is where the leading edge meets the relative wind! 

2013 Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year: Dan Caron

Dan Caron: 2013 Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year

Civil Air Patrol's Teacher of the Year Award is a national-level award that recognizes a teacher Aerospace Education Member for outstanding accomplishments in aerospace education and for possessing the attributes expected from our nation's educators.   The 2013 winner is Dan Caron, featured above.   Mr. Caron is a technology and engineering teacher at Bedford High School in New Hampshire.  So go Bulldogs! 

Bedford High School's Technology Student Association Technology Student Association (TSA) in a club that encourages students to explore a wide variety of technologies through research, project design, implementation and presentation.  Some notable activities and projects include: Animatronics, CAD 3D Engineering, Construction Renovation, Flight Endurance, Manufacturing Prototype, Structural Engineering, System Control Technology, and TSA VEX Robotics, among others.

Additionally, he serves as the director of WinnAero’s Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy at Laconia Municipal Airport located in Gilford, NH.   WinnAero is a youth-based aviation organization that promotes science, technology, engineering and math through the use of aviation.

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If you are a teacher interested in Aviation, Aerospace Engineering or other STEM fields and would like to be able to make contributions to your class in this way, then please consider joining Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Member.   You will be be provided with inspirational education materials and an opportunity to fly at your local airport.  


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